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History of Orion Digital
About - Digital Agency in Mumbai

Orion Digital is the social media division of Orion PR, leading Public Relations Agency with close to 2 decades of PR experience and expertise. With a team comprising of both technical and creative support, Orion Digital provides a 360 degree approach to web marketing solutions for brands/companies to connect and interact with consumers online.

We at Orion Digital have honed the art of creating, executing and running digital-viral campaigns. We do it by engaging your target audience by conversation based communication that elicits instant feedback.

With the in-house expertise of both technology and creative teams, Orion Digital blends technical soundness with strategic content in driving a successful social media campaign.

Who is it for?

Social Media is playing an important role in building businesses for co-operates, SMEs, Industrialists and many more. Social media can be effective in growing your business, but it all starts on where you define your ROI (Return On Investment). In developing a social media strategy for your organization, it is vital to understand what social media can and cannot do and to clearly identify what kinds of investments are required in implementing a strategy. It is important to remember that social media is all about conversation. Engaging in conversation with people you help, your customers and clients, and the community of people you affect.

Orion Social Media provides social media marketing services to various segments such as the following:

  • Consumer / Lifestyle / Luxury products
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality & Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Services (Financial and professional)
  • Corporates with known public reputation
  • Individual Subject Matter Expert
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